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It’s essentially the cornstone of our budget and the tools to help you and your family.  Here will concentrate on our payroll cycles and how to better manage them. By determining what has to be paid during each period. Obviously, the most crucial time is the beginning of the month so will structure a plan around this period into the next cycle. Using a strategy to help you target some savings goals per month. After determining your debt-to-income ratio. In other words, what’s left over after your fix costs are paid. 

If you are fortunate enough to be working for a company that offers 401K, 403B, or your a personal contractor a SEP/IRA may suite you. Let’s look at the reason you should participate in a plan. This is tax-deferred money that your employer is contributing to your plan. So, as long as your employed with the company you’ll receive the benefit of the company’s contribution. That in itself is a very good reason. For more information on these plans call me.

Your portfolio is a summary of all your assets in entirety i.e, words your investment holdings. It’s an overview for you to see the importance of  diversification. This is a review of what assets you have acquired over time and what you might want to add to it. This is and example, what it should look like in time. Your house or condo an investment property real estate, second all retirement plan investments, and third savings. Now you can see how you diversified your holdings per category. The plan is to increase your holding categories over time.