The Finance Hour Podcasts, Host Wayne Randall 

featuring Business Owners, Editors, Authors, Candidates. Let me help promote your business here.  

In this video I talk about money strategies if applied will assist you in reaching your target financial goals, by saving, and plan investments. 

Interview with Rikki Vaughn Mayoral Candidate for Baltimore City and McDonald’s franchise Owner

The commercial was used to promote  Publisher David Murphy’s Fundraiser and highlighted the $11,000.00 PLUS dollars raised for Leon Purnell’s Men and Family Center on Jefferson St, Baltimore, Md.

Series 1 of Women in Business with Fran Allen Author/Editor TNBUN and Owner of Self Development Success. And Katrina Wilson Co-host of The Good Life Gospel Show  

The video was the first in a series of Public Service announcements I produced on the Corona Virus Pandemic. To inform, educate, and enlightening our community of the seriousness of this virus. 

The video depicts the challenges our nation faces due to the rise of interests rates by the Federal Reserve. And the various sectors it has impacted such as housing, consumer spending, and gas prices etc.

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